Data Scientist / AI Engineer

InOrbit, Inc. - Mountain View, CA

Join us at InOrbit to accelerate the adoption of robotics at global scale. InOrbit is the leading SaaS provider of RobOps - DevOps for robots. You’ll be working with some of the most advanced technologies, including robotics, AI, real-time analytics and massive data sets, while improving the resilience and safety of communities around the world.

InOrbit is a venture-backed cloud-based robot management platform that allows companies operating large or growing robot fleets to scale operations, perform critical monitoring and control tasks remotely. Our customers work across all industries, from agriculture and hospitality to logistics and retail.

We're looking for experienced data scientists and AI/ML engineers to join our product team. You will have the opportunity to influence our product direction and play a key role in enabling the next generation of autonomous machines. Learn more about our vision on our blog.

The ideal candidate is someone who thrives working in a fast-paced environment, has experience building complex models and is not afraid to dive into the deep end of unique data sets that have never before been seen at this scale to extract valuable insights.

You will be joining a rapidly growing product team that is focused on a shared mission to enable a world where humans, robots and AI work together to drive radical productivity improvements and enable people to reach new heights. If you are someone who likes the thrill of seeing a new angle for a solution to a problem and will not give up until you have taken that new approach to a workable solution, then we can promise you that you will never be bored at InOrbit. The challenges you will face are not easy, but you will have the autonomy to solve them. 

You will:

  • Work with customers to understand their needs
  • Apply the latest statistical, ML and AI techniques
  • Process massive amounts of data to extract valuable information and insights
  • Deploy ML models in production for various use cases

We would love to hear if you:

  • are fascinated by the process of deriving insights from massive data sets
  • have a solid hard science (physics, astronomy, neuroscience) and/or computer science background.
  • are very strong in applying ML algorithms, understanding data structures and using statistical analysis
  • can handle ambiguity and are able to move forward with imperfect information to get things done in a rapidly changing environment

You get bonus points if you have previous experience with:

  • Deep learning hardware and software frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe
  • Deploying machine/deep learning models in production
  • Integrating with large, distributed systems and microservices using docker, kubernetes

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