Configure executable actions

InOrbit allows configuring custom actions you can use to quickly and efficiently resolve issues or incidents that occur as part of operating your robot fleet.


InOrbit currently supports the following types of actions:

  1. Publish on a ROS topic

    Publish a configurable string value through the /inorbit/custom_commands topic on the robot.

  2. Run script on agent

    Run a shell script on the robot. Scripts must be placed in the ${HOME}/.inorbit/local/user_scripts directory.

  3. Jump to InOrbit page

    Bring the operator to a specified page in InOrbit Mission Control, such as the localization and navigation screen for a robot. Useful to allow you to dive deeper into a problem and perform the most effective resolution action.

  4. Open URL

    Take the operator to the configured URL on a Web browser window. Useful to direct your operator to an internal system to continue the resolution protocol for a given incident.

  5. Execute a ROS service (coming soon)

    Execute a ROS service on the robot.

These actions can be made available for execution in the ROBOTS section of Mission Control through the Robot Actions widget:

or tied to specific incidents for execution through InOrbit Mission Control, Slack or Pager Duty:

Integration with other incident management systems such as Salesforce Service Cloud is underway. Please write to us to let us know about your integration needs.