Robot Lock

InOrbit allows individual robots to be locked while someone is sending specific actions to it to prevent multiple people from executing potentially conflicting actions.

This feature is only available for Enterprise accounts

Configuring Robot Lock

Locks can be configured under Settings > Insights > Actions to be:

Any action can be configured to require a lock on the robot.

Check the Requires Lock box to specify which actions will implicitly create a lock when used (Automatic mode) or require the robot to be locked before running (Selectable mode).

Using Robot Lock

InOrbit currently supports the following capabilities around robot locks:

Locking a robot

Any robot can be locked by clicking on the LOCK button, which toggles to UNLOCK to easily remove the lock.

Other people can hover over the UNLOCK button to see who currently has the lock on a robot and how long it has been in effect.

Unlocking a robot

The person who locked the robot can unlock it by pressing the UNLOCK button. This allows other people to claim the lock on the robot.

Breaking the lock

If the robot is locked, an authorized person other than the person who locked the robot can force the robot to be unlocked by pressing the UNLOCK button.

In this case, there is a confirmation on unlocking a robot to ensure that this is a deliberate action.

Lock expiring after a timeout

To prevent situations where a person who locked a robot forgets to unlock it, locks are automatically released after a period of time has passed since the last action on the robot.

Easily viewing which robots are currently locked

There is a Locked Robots collection that provides visibility into any robots that are currently locked.