When autonomy fails and other means of resolution fall short, InOrbit Mission Control allows you to temporarily take manual control of your robots and teleoperate them back to safety.

This ability gives the human operator using InOrbit a greater power over the physical presence of the robot so it must be used with caution.


Teleoperation is available when opening the Navigation Detail screen for a particular robot:

  1. Log in to InOrbit Mission Control.
  2. On the FLEET section, click on the column corresponding to the robot you want to Teleoperate.
  3. On the ROBOT section below, click on the NAVIGATION button in the title bar.

The teleoperation control can be found on the bottom right panel in the standard layout. Other layouts may have these controls hidden by default and available by clicking the button with the joystick icon.

Security measures

As teleoperation is a dangerous operation, InOrbit includes several safety measures to avoid unintended robot movements:

In addition, teleoperation will be blocked unless the following conditions are met:

Step-by-step mode

The default and recommended mode of operation gives you the ability to “nudge” the robot one step forward, one step backwards or rotating a fraction of a spin to the left or right.

This ability is intended to allow you to use discrete, safe movements to move the robot past an obstacle that its autonomous navigation algorithm can’t resolve on its own.

This enables a basic level of human intervention to apply in adverse network conditions to support re-establishing autonomous operations without the need for physical assistence.

Continuous mode (Experimental)

InOrbit includes an experimental feature to allow continuous teleoperation, similar to that found on remote control tools.

NOTE: This mode is currently experimental. We recommend extensive testing under a controlled environment to understand the reaction of the robot under continuous teleoperation before using it in production.

In order to enable continuous teleoperation mode:

  1. As Administrator, login to InOrbit Mission Control.

  2. From the menu of three vertical dots at upper right, select Settings.

  3. Select Navigation from the top menu.

  4. Select Teleop from the left-side menu.

  5. Disable the Step-by-Step mode switch.

After this is done, the following functions become available:

Experimental features

Other experimental features such as gamepad support may be enabled selectively for specific accounts. If you are interested in trying out an additional experimental feature or have any input or questions, please contact our support team at