Robot Operations Working Group

ROWG is a cross-industry group aimed at sharing best practices and advancing the state of the art for the operation at scale of autonomous robots.


  • Growth in deployment of autonomous robots across industries.
  • New challenges posed by autonomous robots working in un/semi-structured environments
  • Need for common practices to facilitate adoption
  • Use of common practices to increase safety, security, and reliability


  • Group with representatives from different industries that meets regularly
  • Chartered with producing guidelines, whitepapers and other content
  • Create sub-groups as needed to work on specific deliverables
  • Initially can be structured as a recurring meetup
  • Longer term if necessary can be organized as a standalone non-profit entity or join a standards-setting organization


  • Representatives from various robotics companies, industry verticals, vendors and operators
  • May have people from engineering, product, operations, legal, etc.
  • Aspire to broad international representation including people from robotics hubs around the world (Silicon Valley, Boston, Pittsburgh, Odense, Shenzhen, etc.) and corporates in logistics, construction, agriculture, healthcare, building services, etc.


  • Monthly virtual meetings
  • Quarterly in-person meetings
  • Annual event to present findings aligned with a major robotics conference
  • Kick-off at RoboBusiness in Santa Clara (Oct 1-3, 2019)


  • Meetings will rotate and be hosted by member companies

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