Cleaning Robots + InOrbit


Cleaning floors and sanitizing public spaces has become a high priority for many organizations looking to reduce the spread of viruses such as COVID-19 or to maintain safe working spaces in light of the pandemic.

The use of robotics to automate cleaning tasks has skyrocketed over the past year, as businesses deal with a reduced labor force in addition to increasing regulations from local and national governments.

Whether these robots are semi-autonomous or fully autonomous floor cleaners, or ultraviolet-light-based room sanitizing systems, deployment will involve multiple robots working in coordination with human employees tasked with guaranteeing a safe and clean environment.

InOrbit can help. Our RobOps platform can help acquire, analyze and process massive amounts of operational data from these robotic systems, letting you understand how the robots are performing. Operators can be notified in real time and respond to incidents as they occur. Roboticists can enable continuous improvements to the robot software to improve their operational metrics. InOrbit’s human-in-the-loop approach makes it possible to combine humans, robots and the cloud in a seamless system.

Getting a cleaning or sanitizing robot built and tested in the field, whether it’s an airport, hospital, office building or school, is up to you. Contract manufacturing partners can help you produce robots in larger numbers. But when it comes to running the robots at scale, we are here to share our expertise in managing large fleets as they grow from a handful of robots to hundreds, and eventually thousands.

InOrbit has worked with dozens of robotics companies from the ground up, including leaders in the floor-cleaning and room sanitizing space. We can address your specific needs efficiently, letting you focus on growing your business.

Best of all, getting started is free. You can go from signup to acquiring real-time data in under a minute. Our customer success team, which includes experts in robotics and cloud software, can help you get the most of the InOrbit platform.


Cleaning robots + InOrbit make the optimal combination to keep large facilities clean and sanitary to protect humans.




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