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InOrbit enables you to launch, monitor, and scale your autonomous robot fleet. InOrbit's advantage is the combination of Adaptive Diagnostics™ with a real-time dashboard designed for Robot Operations. Fix problems in seconds – not minutes.

Robots fail. They get stuck or confused. When they do, you need a human operator to solve the problem. This costs time and unnecessary resources. Our vision is humans, robots and cloud working together.

Here are some reasons why customers use InOrbit to manage their distributed robot fleets:

  • Observability: Adaptive Diagnostics™ allows you to process massive amounts of data and adjust to the changing conditions on the robot
  • Optimization: Shift from managing robots individually to automating the response based on real-time data and algorithms
  • Orchestration: InOrbit can provide an abstraction layer for common operations across different types of robots, from shared maps and context to mission management and dispatching
  • Operation: By partnering with service providers and bringing onboard remote operators, we can help companies focus on their true differentiator

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