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Digital Keystone

Digital Keystone brings two decades of deep expertise architecting and launching innovative video storage, video streaming and video A.I. solutions, built on scalable distributed cloud software. Digital Keystone’s software components include CTS, a cloud live object store that ingests over 10 petabytes of live video streams per day; NEWTON, a cloud video A.I. framework that accelerates video search by 50%; and GALILEO, a cloud live streaming platform with sub-second latency and unlimited playback sessions. Digital Keystone software components are at the core of video rights  lockers, video cloud stores, and real-time video streaming agents, enabling reliable, efficient, and scalable cloud video services for video streaming, security, A.I. and robotics applications.

“The adoption of smart robot operations software is skyrocketing, and smart robot operating
functions require advanced video capabilities. InOrbit is leading the industry in cloud-based robot operations software with advanced video features at the core of their offering. We are excited to work with industry visionaries such as InOrbit to increase robot observability and performance, and we are pleased to contribute our cloud video technologies to the InOrbit RobOps platform”