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Mapped is an AI-powered data infrastructure platform for IoT, built to help customers securely access real-time data from building systems, sensors, cloud, and enterprise applications. Through automation, we simplify the data discovery, extraction, and normalization process, so you can ‘Focus on innovation, not integration’.

Mapped helps visualize the sources of data on a 3D space along with fine-grain control over the flow of data between source and its destination applications. Customers access normalized, enriched, and live data from people, places, and things in a hyper-connected graph using a single API.

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“Mapped and InOrbit were made for each other: together, we can provide building intelligence through IoT sensors and carry out software-defined tasks in the physical world through smart robots. The integrated data infrastructure combines Mapped’s simple, secure, and reliable API for all your people, places, and things with InOrbit’s RobOps capabilities, including adaptive diagnostics, intervention and optimization. IoT and autonomous robots have never worked better together.”