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Meili Robots

Founded in Denmark in April 2019, Meili Robots develops an innovative solution to control robots from various suppliers via one platform: a universal Fleet Management System (FMS) called Meili FMS. Our main mission is to empower the supply chain and logistics industry by eliminating interoperability pain points in a vastly growing market. 

Designed to be able to integrate with the users’ existing system — such as warehouse management systems (WMS), or similar — Meili FMS offers another level of automation and Industry 4.0 readiness without requiring additional infrastructure installation.

The software integration solution also comes with several important features: automated traffic control, smart task allocation algorithms, operator analytics, and unified mapping. With Meili FMS, the users will no longer need to assign tasks to each robot individually while simultaneously being able to prevent obstructions or collisions. Ultimately, this increases the overall output of the facility while improving efficiency and operational safety.  

We also commit to working with our clients, providing them with end-to-end IT support, to ensure their mobile robot fleets are working at their full potential. 

"InOrbit offers a very powerful infrastructure tool for mobile robots operators that provides an overview of entire fleets as well as the possibility for global deployment.We, at Meili Robots, look forward to working with InOrbit as a partner to boost the users’ experience. With the help of InOrbit’s tools and infrastructure, Meili Robots can provide a local service to the robot users, combining the best of two companies. By opening up this range of new opportunities and abilities, users will be reaping the benefits like never before."