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Next Generation Robotics
It's no secret: warehouses are the cornerstone of today's exploding supply chain and logistics industry. As consumers switch more and more of their purchasing to e-commerce, warehouses face ever-increasing demands for efficiency and competitive labor costs. And with the high turnover usually experienced in the sector, combined with the new labor shortage that came with the pandemic, many are now turning to automation to address these problems, fueled by the emergence of a new generation of smart, agile robots of all shapes and sizes: pickers, tuggers, forklifts, cobots and more.
Yet the software to run and orchestrate these robots is still supplied by the robot manufacturers themselves. As a result, these fleets run in their own silos, requiring custom setups when they are installed and unable to coordinate with other types of robots on the warehouse floor. The costs of switching from one robot maker to another thus inhibits the original purchase of robots, and it is impossible to coordinate heterogeneous fleets.
At Next Generation Robotics, we make fleet management software for mobile warehouse robots; that's all we do. Our solutions are not tied to any one robot manufacturer or warehouse management system; they sit as middleware between the two and can work with any combination of WMS systems and robots. So warehouse owners can swap out one manufacturer's robots for another without a costly new software creation project, enabling flexibility and agility, as their operating schedules and systems will remain the same.
Furthermore, NGR can coordinate heterogeneous fleets consisting of different types of robots without needing to use "waves" that result in significant downtime for the robots as they wait for others to finish their tasks.
Our focus on software means that we implement the highest level, most sophisticated optimization algorithms available. Our software can adapt on the fly to incoming rush orders, variable motor speeds from one robot to the next, even a complete breakdown of one robot on the floor. And our team boasts some of the top world experts in optimization calculus; our software has already won an international competition for its speed and accuracy.
With our top-level algorithms and flexible implementation, NGR is truly helping to usher in the next generation of warehouse automation. Come take our software for a test spin and find out more about us at
"InOrbit has unparalleled ability to monitor the position and status of robots on the warehouse floor. Combined with NGR’s cross-platform fleet orchestration software, customers will have all they need to get tasks done quickly and efficiently, no matter the number or type of robots in use."