Building on over 15 years of experience and industry knowledge, OLogic is Silicon Valley’s premier robotics consultancy. Having helped design and develop multiple leading edge robots for many of the companies in the valley, both innovative startups and major corporations, OLogic knows how to build robots, IoT systems, and specialized sensors.

With a design ethos built on our unique Guerilla Product Development process, OLogic brings customer products to market quickly and at lower cost than in-house development. By tapping into OLogic's extensive knowledge pool of hardware, software, and mechanical designs, we can rapidly help you deliver complex applications to meet your critical business needs, giving OLogic clients a decisive market advantage over their competition. It’s in our DNA.

“OLogic partners with InOrbit to deliver enterprise customers a truly integrated robotic automation solution.

As an enterprise, your business will be adopting more automation and robots to improve productivity and efficiency, yet it’s not so easy as some would make you think, often requiring multiple robots from multiple vendors. OLogic can help fill the gaps, either through the development of specific sensors or edge devices with our industry leading Edge AIoT  high performance compute boards that help the system work more effectively. Or, by building your very own customized robot, specific to your requirements, that completes the robot ecosystem. Ensuring a successful deployment across the facility.

In partnership with InOrbit, we put you back in control of your robotic automation strategy through fleet robot management software and industry leading robotic design.”