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Robots have been seen in hospitals and other healthcare environments for several years, such as mobile robots delivering crucial medications to a nurse, food deliveries to patients or bringing used linens back to a laundry facility. Other robots, such as surgical assistance robots in the operating room, or pharmacy robots helping to fill prescriptions, are working to support doctors, nurses and pharmacists with making their tasks more accurate and efficient.

In the mobile robot space, hospitals are challenged to make sure that robot deliveries are made efficiently, with a high degree of accuracy. As hospitals continue to face labor issues due to the COVID-19 outbreak, relying on robots to keep things safe, secure, and sanitary becomes more important than ever.

InOrbit and its RobOps platform can help robotics companies that are deploying mobile robots in hospitals and other healthcare facilities with key operational data from the robot fleets as they navigate the halls and elevators performing their duties. Our cloud-based system can react in real time to allow operators to respond quickly to incidents as they occur. Roboticists can update software across the fleet to improve operational metrics. The InOrbit human-in-the-loop approach allows for a system that combines the best features of humans, robots, and the cloud to work together seamlessly.


Healthcare robots + InOrbit make the optimal combination to keep hospitals safe, efficient and focused on treating patients.

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