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Robots are making their presence known in hotels and resorts around the world – helping guests by making deliveries of room service orders or forgotten items, while helping staff members by freeing them up for more important tasks. In addition, reducing physical interactions for deliveries helps guests feel safer in the COVID-19 world.

Many of these systems are autonomous, and can operate on multi-level floors, going in and out of elevators with ease. However, as more of these systems get deployed across resorts or within a large location, keeping track of the robots, monitoring their battery life, or helping them to navigate should they get stuck, requires a state-of-the-art solution for robot operations. InOrbit’s human-in-the-loop approach combines humans, robots and cloud-based networking in a seamless system.

The InOrbit RobOps platform can acquire, analyze and process massive amounts of operational data from a fleet of hospitality service robots, giving operators better insights about how they are performing. Staff – whether onsite or remote – are empowered to direct the behavior of the robot and respond to any issues the robots may have.

Roboticists working on hospitality robots can enable continuous improvements to a robot’s software and deploy them across a fleet, rather than upload updates individually while on premises.

Running robots at scale is what we’re all about. We can share our expertise in managing large fleets of mobile robots, enabling you to oversee larger and larger numbers of robots to serve your customers, guests and staff.

InOrbit has worked with dozens of robotics companies from the ground up, including leaders in the hospitality robotics space. We can address your specific needs efficiently, letting you focus on growing your business.

Best of all, getting started is free. You can go from signup to acquiring real-time data in under a minute. Our customer success team, which includes experts in robotics and cloud software, can help you get the most of the InOrbit platform.


Hospitality robots + InOrbit make the optimal combination to keep hotels and resorts focused on providing world-class service for their guests.

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