Interoperability for Robot Fleets

Why robot manufacturers and end users are demanding interoperability and how InOrbit can help.

Interoperability is a word the robotics community is talking about more often than ever. Beyond a buzzword, interoperability is significant and marks the changing landscape for those making and deploying robots. As fleets of robots grow, and additional automation is introduced to work in parallel, or in partnership with existing systems a new level of orchestration is required. 

Interoperability is key to realizing more complex tasks and safely managing interactions with human collaborators and other robots in a given space. This need goes beyond traditional fleet management. Orchestration to manage multi-task, multi-robot, and multi-vendor fleets requires interoperability and consideration of The 3 Cs.

InOrbit is committed to promoting interoperability through our tools and platform. Designed from the ground up to be hardware agnostic, our foundational RobOps and collaborative tools have always supported growing heterogeneous robot fleets. 

InOrbit Connect makes orchestration easier than ever by removing barriers to the data needed to effectively manage diverse robot fleets, and providing the confidence end users require to scale, setting up robots from one or more vendors with just one click and managing them all in one place.

InOrbit connects robots in a variety of ways. Explore our Robot Directory for certified robots to meet every need.  We are contributing members to organizations such as MassRobotics, and the Open Source Robotics Alliance, providing support for emerging interop standards, such as

VDA 5050

MassRobotics AMR Interoperability Standard

Open RMF

And InOrbit integrates with top commercial management systems, such as

 MiR Fleet

This all works alongside robust internal tools, including

InOrbit Robot Agent
InOrbit Robot SDK
InOrbit Edge SDK


InOrbit Connect empowers our users with the right tools to enable interoperability and orchestrate growing heterogeneous robotic fleets.  

Connect with our team and learn how InOrbit maximizes the potential of every robot. 

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