RobOps simulation
powered by NVIDIA


This collaboration, created with Ekumen, is vividly showcased in this first-of-its-kind demonstration, featuring a virtual InOrbit Robot Space that closely matches its physical counterpart in Mountain View, California. Multiple simulated robots matching their real-world counterparts can be seen executing the same missions. Whether it’s picking items at a fulfillment center or transporting boxes in a warehouse, the advanced simulation provides a realistic representation of the physical world.

Real to Sim

Experience the power of Real to Sim, a 3D reconstruction of past evetns, used with InOrbit Time Capsule, where real-world data feeds advanced simulations for comprehensive analysis and optimization.

Review robot sensor data over time, track mission paths, and analyze incidents with unparalleled precision. Close the loop between real and sim.


Simulation has emerged as a potent tool in robotics, empowering users to extract actionable insights on fleet operations. Effective simulations can help drive continuous improvements in production workflows, orchestrate robots from diverse vendors, and mitigate the costly impact of traffic jams. When simulations are coupled with RobOps tools and best practices, users gain the capability to harness data consistently across both physical and simulated environments, ensuring optimal operational efficiency.

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