InOrbit Launches Free Edition to Democratize Robot Operations

Cloud-based software lets robot companies and those deploying robot fleets better manage and orchestrate their robots from anywhere in the world

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.  – InOrbit, the leading provider of cloud-based robot operations (RobOps) software, today announced the launch of a Free Edition of the platform, allowing companies to manage an unlimited number of robots for free forever. This solution helps robot developers and operations teams scale their robot fleets while focusing on their unique differentiators. Interested users can sign up for free now by visiting the InOrbit website at

InOrbit Free Edition enables access to the end-to-end platform infrastructure, including the robot-agnostic InOrbit Agent, Adaptive Diagnostics™, secure messaging infrastructure, and InOrbit Control, the fully personalized dashboard. This solution includes observability features such as vital robot analytics, and diagnostics, as well as the ability to track a robot’s position on a map in real time. Additionally, users can define, detect and respond to incidents, within the app or through included Slack integration.

“We’ve seen too many robotics companies waste precious time reinventing the wheel,” said Florian Pestoni, CEO and co-founder of InOrbit. “With InOrbit Free Edition, we are helping companies address common robot operations problems without having to worry about having to enter a credit card. And unlike other limited time trials, Free Edition supports an unlimited number of robots for free – forever.”

As their needs mature, robotics companies using InOrbit can access even more advanced functionality through the InOrbit Standard Edition (SE), which includes more advanced incident management functions, more integrations, real-time teleoperation and other navigation features, as well as the recently launched Time Capsule™.

Robotics companies that have used InOrbit said they have been able to focus their development efforts on their specialized robots rather than dedicate valuable engineering time to worry about cloud infrastructure, data collection, analytics, and incident management.

“The InOrbit platform is a natural fit for our RoomieBots because we can put our focus in the research and development of the hardware capabilities, and delegate software management to InOrbit,” said Aldo Luévano Ibarra, CEO of Roomie, a humanoid robotics startup developing commercial robots for Latin American markets. “The main advantage is that we don’t need to worry about the software capabilities in the product’s evolution, letting us avoid capital-intensive investment for software development to receive the latest technology.”

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