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In recent years, robots have started popping up in retail stores. Whether robots are scanning the aisles checking inventory levels, cleaning the floors or looking for potential hazards such as spills, grocery stores and other retailers are automating many of the menial tasks of associates, freeing them up to help more customers.

Consumer buying habits have changed, whether from the Amazon Effect, or as a reaction to pandemic-related shortages and a desire not to enter crowded public spaces. These days, as soon as a customer buys an item, they want it shipped. For retailers that operate massive warehouses or distribution centers, this means locating goods quickly, either from a warehouse/DC or from a local store. The work of fulfilling orders, whether for online orders being picked up in a store, or to replenish physical inventory at brick-and-mortar locations, is increasingly being augmented with robots.

Managing retail robots

As robot companies grow their fleets to serve more retail locations, managing those robots brings a new set of challenges. For example, how do companies get performance data from the robots? When something goes wrong with a robot, how do you fix it?

No matter the type or style of retail robot, the InOrbit platform can help. With our RobOps system, you can gain clarity and insight into how the robots are performing. Real-time diagnostics show you the health of a few robots, or an entire fleet. Immediate alerts can notify your team or operators as soon as issues arise. Data over time can be analyzed to help optimize robot performance.

Start your free trial today to see how easy it is to manage your robots. Once you log in, you’ll be guided through the process of adding a robot. If you need more help, book a meeting with our customer success team by completing the form below.


Retail robots + InOrbit combine to keep the retail machine humming, with items on shelves and products delivered quickly.

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The Retail Revolution will be Robotized

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Robots and the Retail Revolution

Explore the role of robots in retail from the supply chain, to last-mile and everywhere in between. 

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