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Community and Events

We’re growing with our customers, partners, and neighbors as a part of the community. Everyone is welcome here. Join us at the InOrbit Robot Space for upcoming events, meetups, and educational talks as we demystify how modern robots are working with us to build a better world.


Upcoming events

Taste of MV  Mechants Steins Logo - New


June 12th, 4 PM - 8 PM

Taste of Mountain View
Food, Beer & Wine Walk on Castro Street

Paid ticketed event / Registration required

A Taste of Mountain View returns once again to delight us with delicious local food and drink. InOrbit Robot Space is a proud returning participant, and we look forward to hosting local vendors Stein's Beer Garden for this very fun Summer event. That's right - the beer garden is coming to us! This is a one-day community event where local restaurants and businesses provide wonderfully diverse bites paired with delectable wine. A Taste of Mountain View is a fantastic way to support Mountain View restaurants and businesses and make them shine in the community. Enjoy live music at the check in location on Civic Center Plaza!

Food & drink combo tickets and food only tickets will be available. The event is family friendly. For children, please buy the food-only ticket. As a reminder registration is required. Ticket prices range from $40 - $70. Please find more details and get your tickets right here.

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June date TBA

InOrbit Explored

Monthly drop-in event / No registration required

Join InOrbit at the Robot Space for our monthly hands-on robot demo, and a chance to learn about real robots in production environments. Get a sneak peek at what InOrbit is working on next, and explore the importance of robot operations, or RobOps as fleet deployments grow across industries.  

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June date TBA

HomeBrew Robotics Club, Silicon Valley - monthly meetup

Monthly drop-in event / No registration required

Virtual / in-person event

Join the HomeBrew Robotics Club of Silicon Valley for an in-person and virtual hybrid event. In-person attendees are welcome to join us at the InOrbit Robot Space for this month's featured guest and discussion topic, which are still TBA. For more event details, including a Zoom link to attend virtually, please visit www.hbrobotics.org/



July date TBA

Board Game Night Working Group - Bay Area Meetup

Free monthly event / Registration required

Board game fans unite! Join the Bay Area Board Game Night Working Group for their July meetup, at the InOrbit Robot Space. This is a casual, social event directed towards local roboticists and their friends and family. It’s an opportunity to meet other roboticists, network, and play board games. A free monthly meetup event and registration is requested. Please find more details and register for this event at https://boardgamenightwg.com/bayarea/

Community partners

InOrbit is thrilled to partner with leaders in the robotics community. For more information or to discuss an InOrbit partnership, please contact us

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Recent events

June 5, 2024 | Board Game Night Working Group - Bay Area June Meetup


Board game fans united this June for the Bay Area Board Game Night Working Group's monthly meetup, at the InOrbit Robot Space. This casual, social event was directed towards local roboticists and their friends and family. It was a great opportunity to meet other roboticists, network, and play board games. We look forward to more monthly gaming meetups!


May 29, 2024 | Rakuten visit


Rakuten is a Japanese global technology conglomerate focused on online retail, fintech, digital content, communications, and more. When their Silicon Valley arm (the RakuNest) decided to host a group of visiting investors and VCs, including InOrbit investor Yamaha Motor Ventures, we were excited to participate in the tour. While InOrbit CEO Florian Pestoni joined their tour offsite to lead a discussion on robotics development, we also offered to host the visitors at the InOrbit Robot Space and provide an opportunity to allow these investors to see RobOps for themselves.  By all accounts sit was a true success and we were honored to participate.

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May 28, 2024 | HomeBrew Robotics Club May meetup

HBRC May 2024

This month the HomeBrew Robotics Club of Silicon Valley brought a fantastic guest in to talk with attendees, live in person Chuck Pitzer, Director of Hardware Engineering, at Zebra Robotics Automation. Chuck spoke on the topic of the challenges in elevating a hobby-level project to something that can safely be introduced into the market around humans. The discussion featured an exploration of appropriate Risk Assessments, Performance Levels, and state-of-the-art safety-rated controllers and sensors. 

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May 16, 2024 | Trade Horizons: German Robotics Delegation


Trade Horizons is a group dedicated to helping international businesses expand into new markets. We were happy to host their recent robotics executives' tour at the InOrbit Robot Space as a part of their review of robotics innovators in Silicon Valley. Our team, supported by partners at German cleaning powerhouse Karcher provided insights and a compelling demonstration of RobOps in action.

Apr 24, 2024 | HomeBrew Robotics Club April meetup

HBRC - Apr alt

This month the HomeBrew Robotics Club of Silicon Valley joined us at the InOrbit Robot Space for a great meetup. This month's featured guest was Samuel Tagliabracci, a Complex Robotic Integration Software Specialist at Clearpath Robotics. Convenient because Samuel discussed the fascinating story of Clearpath, and their mission to develop robust, and accessible robotic products. As usual the attendees also brought some great homemade robots to show off!

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Apr 10, 2024 | Women in Robotics present - UI Can Handle It: Building Robots for People


Women in Robotics joined us once again at the Robot Space for a captivating discussion exploring how user-centric design is revolutionizing the way we interact with robots. Principal, Product Development at Playground Global, Gabby Halberg led this fireside chat that dissected the current state of UX in robotics, discussed industry bottlenecks, and shared insight into the cutting-edge research that is shaping the future of human-robot interaction

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Mar 30, 2024 | Argentinian tech tour

01 - Florian-evita - small

As part of InOrbi's ongoing commitment to demystifying robotics by engaging the community, whether in Silicon Valley or from 6,000 miles away, our team hosted a unique event for a group of 80 business executives, entrepreneurs, VCs, government officials, and academics from Argentina at the InOrbit Robot Space. In the Valley while attending a symposium on technology and disruption at Stanford University. Throughout the week, they exchanged perspectives and heard from some interesting speakers like Condoleezza Rice, Francis Fukuyama, and InOrbit CEO Florian Pestoni. While at the Robot Space, this eclectic group had an opportunity to see examples of embodied AI and explore autonomous robots, including those from our partners Relay Robotics and Instock.com.

03 - small-Apr-11-2024-07-21-33-2277-PM
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Mar 27, 2024 | HomeBrew Robotics Club 22nd Annual HBRC Challenge Phase I

HBRC - Mar

This March the HomeBrew Robotics Club of Silicon Valley held a special in-person and virtual hybrid 'Challenge' event. This is the first of three challenge phases held annually by the HBRC. And what was the challenge? Why, to dust off those languishing robotics projects and bring them into the light. To show the club and the world the amazing work of builders, makers anda creators. Challengers brought robots to meet the TABLEBot Challenge, the FLOORBot Challenge, the AI Challenge, the A-Mazing LineBot Challenge, the RobotArm Challenge, the RoboMagellan Trials and the Run-What-You-Brung! Plus the “Robot Dance Party” let all the robots that can Move & Groove get down. This was an epic event, and we can't wait for Phase II, to see what these creators will bring next! Join in monthly, with details here, don't be a spectator, build something!

02 - small-Apr-02-2024-06-51-54-2522-PM
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Watch the entire Challenge event here!

March 6, 2024 | Lean In IWD2024 event

InternationalWomensDaylogo official

International Women’s Day (March 8th) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality. This year's theme of 'inspiring inclusion', is a sentiment we share at InOrbit and we were thrilled that Lean In was able to join us to host a community building and networking event at the InOrbit Robot Space. Lean In, is an inspiring organization with a mission to help women achieve their ambitions and work to create an equal world. Learn more about the local Lean SV network right here.

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March 4, 2024 | Plug and Play Mobility visit

Plug and play

InOrbit is always interested in supporting new start-ups, entrepreneurs, and investors exploring robotics. As Plug and Pluy batch alumni, we are especially interested in connecting with others associated with the organization. This March we were thrilled to have the PnP Mobility team bring a group of engaged robotics and tech professionals to tour the Robot Space. Taking a hands-on approach we ran a new and improved version of the Great Robot Space Race workshop, letting our visitors experience the power of robot orchestration firsthand. Everyone had a wonderful time, and we will be thrilled to partner with PnP for more events down the road!

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Feb 28, 2024 | HomeBrew Robotics Club February meetup

HBRC - feb

The Robot Space hosted the HomeBrew Robotics Club's Silicon Valley January meetup, where veteran robotics consultant  Tony Pratkanisin person joined to discuss "Commercializing your Robot with Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS)". This talk explored the RaaS business model and economics as well as operational challenges often faced with great anecdotes to highlight success and innovation in the space. This was the most attended HBRC event yet!

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Feb 28, 2024 | Japan Touriam Board visit

logo_JTB - new

Japan Tourism Board has been bringing tech-savvy groups of young entrepreneurs to visit the InOrbit Robot Space regularly since we opened our doors. Every visit is a treat, allowing us to share our passion for robotics with engaged young professionals. JTB aims to leverage its comprehensive travel industry experience for an impactful cultural exchange. InOrbit is happy to help them meet that goal. 

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Feb 08, 2024 | Robot Space anniversary

RS Anniversary hero really final - social-1

Our downtown Mountain View hub has been a dramatic success since its doors opened a year ago, growing to host cutting-edge robot demos, educational programs, and community events. Over the past year, we've proudly showcased the value of effective RobOps through live demos, community talks, and educational initiatives. From partnering with amazing organizations like Women in Robotics to hosting STEM summer camps, we've logged over 30,000 hours of active multi-vendor robot operations using InOrbit, and connected with the Silicon Valley community. To celebrate we were thrilled to invite friends and colleagues from across the industry to join us at the InOrbit Robot Space, celebrating our first year, with high hopes for what's coming next!  To top it off, we've tripled the size of the Robot Space! Now, enjoy some pictures and videos from the event!

01 - The InOrbit Robot Space, 293 Castro St, Mountain View CA - small
02 - (L - R) Florian Pestoni, CEO and Co-founder; John Simmons, VP of Technology and Operations; Julian Cerruti, CTO and Co-founder - small
04 - Party 01 - The event begins. - small
05 - Antonio and Matt - small
06- InOrbit partner Relay - small
party 04 - friendly faces - small
07 - party 02 - small
09 - InOrbit Founders find themselvs - small
08 - InOrbit partner Instock - small
New InOrbit kicks - small

Jan 31, 2024 | HomeBrew Robotics Club January meetup

HBRC - Jan 2024

The Robot Space hosted the HomeBrew Robotics Club's Silicon Valley January meetup, where guest speaker Alberto Soragna, Principal Robotics Engineer at iRobot joined to share stories and discuss Building the iRobot Create 3. We love this little ROS2 educational robot as it gives users a grasp of the engineering and coding foundations needed in robotics with a scalable platform. That's why we have a few of them at the Robot Space ourselves. This was another great event and interesting discussion from the community.

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Robot Space street experience - no street word

InOrbit is a part of the Mountain View community and a proud sponsor of local educational resources and non-profits. The InOrbit Robot Space serves as a community educational resource for burgeoning robotics of all ages; partnering with robotics and tech clubs from the Bay Area and beyond. We have been privileged to host some fantastic events at the Robot Space. 

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InOrbit Robot Space in the news

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Orbito in your community

The InOrbit Robot Space is home to InOrbit’s community ambassador Orbito

Our adorable robot mascot celebrates robotic advancements from around the world, and educates visitors to the InOrbit Robot Space about the power and potential for robots working together.

Join Orbito at the InOrbit Robot Space where you can learn more about our vision for the future of robotics. And guests can walk away with exclusive Orbito branded merch from stickers to shirts and hoodies and more.   

Enjoy some photos from Orbito's ongoing travels. 

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InOrbito and RX-78
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