On-demand Webinar:

Developers, developers, developers

Premiered live: Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Duration: 30 minutes

InOrbit <3 Developers.

At InOrbit we love developers. We know that the builders, the makers, coders, and creators are the lifeblood of emergent technologies. We are cut from the same engineering cloth and know that the growing business of integrated automation leans heavily on the work of passionate developers. 

As InOrbit moves to create more opportunities for developer access with exciting tools like our Developer Portal we took some time to connect with our partners and the community. We’ve had some big ones at InOrbit with the launch of Free Edition and our Developer toolset designed to empower engineers everywhere.

Watch the recorded webinar to join CEO Florian Pestoni, and CTO Julian Cerruti as they discuss the growth of InOrbit and why now, more than ever, is a fantastic time for developers to embrace valued partnerships, and a dedication to strong RobOps.

This recorded webinar we explore:

  • How InOrbit works with developers
  • An extended Developer Portal tour
  • InOrbit's partner Ecosystem
  • How RobOps informs our work

Thanks for watching, we hope you enjoy it.

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