On-demand Webinar:

Autonomously Delicious: RobOps and FoodTech

Premiered live: February 2, 2022

Duration: 45 minutes

Your robot waiter will be with you soon.

The FoodTech sector aims to transform the food industry into something more modern, sustainable, and efficient. Robust technologies are being developed that will affect production, distribution, and of course consumption. Intrinsically linked to AgTech development, FoodTech incorporates engineering and science to research and build solutions to problems that range from feeding a growing global population, to managing food scarcity, food equity, food waste, climate change, unstable supply lines, and much more.

On a more individual scale, consumer FoodTech is making leaps and bounds n the restaurant space, where we are seeing automated systems that help prepare food or deliver finished orders to customers, both of which seek to address labor shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Automated kitchens, autonomous food deliveries for external customers, and yes, even robot waiters now emerge to safely take your order, deliver your meals. and return your plates once you’re done.

In this recorded webinar InOrbit CEO Florian Pestoni explores the fascinating field of automation in FoodTech, including the commercial applications of emerging technologies as they revolutionize foodservice and beyond. 

Guest speakers for this webinar include Clayton Wood, CEO at Seattle-based Picnic., makers of the beloved Picnic Pizza Station. Wood has served in key leadership positions in organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100 organizations, across a variety of technology industries, including renewable energy, robotics and software. And Gennadiy Goldenshteyn, Founder and Managing Director of Dinemic Ventures, a product development incubator for technology-driven innovation in foodservice and hospitality industries with a particular focus on automation. Gennadiy is also Principal at First Principles LLC, a consulting firm that helps clients break down seemingly complex strategy and operations problems down to their foundational basics (i.e., “first principles”) and create improvement programs. 

This on-demand webinar explores:

  • FoodTech defined - problems to be solved
  • Applications and technologies explored
  • Unique challenges facing automation in foodservice
  • Collaboration between humans and robots
  • Opportunities for scaled Foodtech 
  • Integrating RobOps into autonomous FoodTech solutions

Clayton Wood

CEO, Picnic

Gennadiy Goldenshteyn

Founder / Managing Director, Dinemic Ventures - Principal, First Principles LLC

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