On-demand Webinar:

Integrating RobOps into
Last-Mile Logistics

Premiered live: December 1, 2021

Duration: 30 minutes

The Last-Mile May be the Most Challenging

The final step in the supply chain of delivering goods from a business to the customer’s doorstep is critical, but can often be the most challenging. Time, energy, and cost are often the biggest stumbling blocks in providing efficient deliveries. The global pandemic has not only disrupted labor and supply chains, but dramatically accelerated the interest and integration of automation into last-mile delivery solutions.

Different types of robots are now being deployed for last-mile deliveries, including autonomous and semi-autonomous mobile robots that use sidewalks for delivery, and autonomous vehicles that share the road with other passengers. In the air, several drone companies are experimenting with drone delivery flights for food, medicine and parcels. 

Regardless of the robot type, companies will need to utilize RobOps best practices that can ensure successful deliveries. 

In this recorded webinar our guest speaker, Ignacio Tartavull, the CEO of Tiny Mile, a Toronto based robotics company that created Geoffrey, an adorable semi-autonomous last-mile food delivery robot shares his expertise and insights into how strong operational solutions will allow this field to meet any last-mile robotic challenges. 

This on-demand webinar explores:

  • The true scope of last-mile delivery
  • Unique challenges facing last-mile delivery robots
  • The evolving role of humans in last-mile delivery 
  • Opportunities for scaled last-mile automation
  • Integrating RobOps into last-mile logistics


Ignacio Tartavull

CEO, Tiny Mile

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