On-demand Webinar:

Scaling Your Robot Fleet with RobOps

Premiered live: April 21st, 2021

Duration: 30 minutes

Wondering how to scale your robot fleet quickly?

You have successfully deployed autonomous mobile robots in customer pilots. Awesome. Now you may be wondering how to go from pets to cattle and manage the complexity of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of robots.

Robot Operations (RobOps) allows you and your customers to maximize the potential of every robot. Operating robots at scale requires a balance of monitoring, analytics, interventions and continuous improvements. Getting this right results in improved utilization and lower total cost of operation (TCO).

Watch the half-hour, on-demand webinar to discover:

  • Why is it so hard to scale robots?
  • How to go beyond initial deployment
  • How RobOps software can help


Florian Pestoni

CEO, InOrbit, Inc.

John Simmons

Product Manager, Operations
InOrbit, Inc.

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