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Robotics is changing the face of agriculture, from highly automated suburban indoor farms to computer vision-based autonomous weeding in the fields. These robots are helping improve resilience in our food supply. However, robots and dirt may not always get along.

InOrbit can help. As you roll out your robots, InOrbit's RobOps platform can help acquire, analyze and process massive amounts of operational data to understand how your robots are performing; be notified in real-time and respond to incidents as they occur; and enable continuous improvements to the robot software in order to improve operational metrics. Moreover, InOrbit's human-in-the-loop approach makes it possible to combine humans, robots and cloud in a seamless system.

Getting that first robot built and tested in the field, or in this case, the fields, is up to you. You are the expert. If you need to manufacture in larger numbers, there are contract manufacturing partners. When it comes to running your robots at scale, we are here to share our expertise in managing fleets as they grow from a handful of robots to hundreds and eventually thousands.

We have worked with dozens of robotics companies, including leaders in AgTech, and can address your specific needs efficiently, allowing you to focus on growing your business. You can get started for free and go from signup to real-time data in under a minute. Our customer success team, which includes robotics and cloud experts, can help you get the most of InOrbit.


Agricultural robots + InOrbit make the optimal combination to secure our food supply chain.

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Automated Agriculture

The future of robotic farming at scale is being seeded right now. Explore how orchestrated automation is key to this evolution.

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AgTech and the Future of Robotic Farming

Bringing automation to farming poses unique challenges. Join us to explore the future of AgTech.

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