InOrbit Ecosystem
InOrbit unites partners and experts from across industries with a common vision to promote global automation. Their efforts are building a better world, and we are grateful to enable their success.
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Qualcomm Technologies Inc is a global leader in the development and commercialization of foundational technologies and products used in mobile devices and other wireless products. From network equipment and broadband gateway equipment to consumer electronic devices, we help billions of people around the world connect, compute and communicate.  Read more

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Barcodes a Levata company
Barcodes Group a Levata company, provides end-to-end technology solutions that improve mobility, visibility, and automation for organizations across the globe. With 25+ years of experience and partnerships with leading technology manufacturers, Barcodes Group delivers exceptional products, software, and services to help businesses navigate a world in motion. Read more
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Mapped is an AI-powered data infrastructure platform for IoT, built to help customers securely access real-time data from building systems, sensors, cloud, and enterprise applications. 
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Transitive Robotics
Transitive Robotics develops the open-source Transitive framework. Transitive provides real-time data synchronization between fleets of robots and the cloud, and makes it easy to develop new standalone capabilities that span robots, cloud, and web front-ends. Transitive Robotics offers a hosted solution that you can start using on your robots in minutes, but Transitive can also be self-hosted if needed. Read more
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Next Generation Robotics
At Next Generation Robotics, we make fleet management software for mobile warehouse robots; that's all we do. Our solutions are not tied to any one robot manufacturer or warehouse management system; they sit as middleware between the two and can work with any combination of WMS systems and robots. Read more
Zan Compute
Zan Compute provides Zanitor, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based facility maintenance platform with advanced sensing and machine learning that better suits the needs of property owners, managers, service providers and occupants. Zan’s solution is a mobile/cloud-based solution that focuses on automating the custodial process through AI. Read more
Vertical Solutions
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Meili Robots
Founded in Denmark in April 2019, Meili Robots develops an innovative solution to control robots from various suppliers via one platform: a universal Fleet Management System (FMS) called Meili FMS. Our main mission is to empower the supply chain and logistics industry by eliminating interoperability pain points in a vastly growing market.  Read more
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Ekumen is an international engineering boutique, provider of advanced software development services and technology. We are a small, dynamic team of highly-talented engineers with a penchant for challenging technical problems and highly motivated to bring advancement to the world through technology. Read more
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634 AI was founded to enable organizations greater resilience and business continuity in an ever-changing world. We are driven by a mission to simplify industrial mobility and allow safer, smarter operations – for everyone, everywhere. We developed MAESTRO, a proprietary, AI-powered control tower that streamlines management of anything mobile on an industrial floor. Read more

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Digital Keystone
Digital Keystone brings two decades of deep expertise architecting and launching innovative video storage, video streaming and video A.I. solutions, built on scalable distributed cloud software. Read more
WiBotic was founded in 2015 to commercialize wireless power technology developed at the University of Washington and is currently the industry leader in proximity charging for the robotics market. Read more
In partnership with InOrbit, we put you back in control of your robotic automation strategy through fleet robot management software and industry leading robotic design. Read more