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Advanced functionality for companies that demand the best platform

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Secure messaging infrastructure
Secure transfer based on best practice encryption and walled off access to ensure data is not exposed beyond a single customer account
Adaptive Diagnostics
Dynamic sampling rate and data resolution of data sources optimized for addressing issues
Extensive configuration
Intuitive settings to configure robots and sensors, navigation, data, incidents, actions, and organizations
Incident management
Detect and notify when a robot is not working within pre-defined operating parameters, track key incident resolution metrics
API access
Fully leverage a large part of the InOrbit platform programmatically through an extensive set of APIs
Fleet management
Instant view of the fleet regardless of size or grouping, with filtering by different criteria
Real time analytics
Review everything from high-level KPIs to sliceable fleet visualization and individual robot data/metrics
Static collections and modes
Group or filter robots by any fixed criteria, eg, location. Modes are a dynamic collection of select current statuses (e.g., Idle).
Real time location and costmap
Intuitive interface for tracking robot position, getting situational awareness and relocalizing a robot as needed.
Configurable dashboards
Customizable dashboards for specific roles and tasks to personalize the user experience.
3 10 Unlimited
Remote actions
Built-in or custom scripted actions to be recommended or automatically invoked based on tracked incident triggers.
3 Unlimited Unlimited
Audit log events
Track user and system activity in a filterable list with chronological timestamps.
100 10000 Unlimited
Built-in roles
Specific roles enable increased security by limiting access to data, configuration and actions based on team restrictions and organization.
2 6 6
Configurable setup for default quality, frame rate, etc. for any camera on the robot.
1 4 Unlimited
Out-of-the-box integrations
Out-of-the-box integrations with supported off-the-shelf software, e.g. Slack and OpsGenie for incident management.
Slack 3 Unlimited
Time Capsule
Analyze robot behavior across an extended time range or zoom in on an incident with detailed before and after information.
  72h Unlimited
Dynamic collections
Additional collections (beyond Modes) based on any dynamic criteria from the robot or the cloud
Modes only
Easily re-orient a robot when it gets lost by interactively adjusting the visible lidar dots to align with known map features
Waypoint teleoperation
Controls to enable operators to direct the robot to specific locations via waypoints and get it back to autonomous operations
Open teleoperation
Very simple step-based navigation without invoking the robot’s navigation stack
Multi navigation layouts
Configurable options for rich navigation, including a fullscreen mode for focused navigation
Advanced teleoperation
Virtual/hardware joystick support and Precision Teleop for fine movement controls
Robot lock
Ensure only one user at a time can send certain actions to a robot and avoid conflicts
Multiple maps
Provision maps via cloud API or robot API, support switching between maps
Advanced video
Improved video streaming with configurable resolution and framerates for different scenarios
Data Backfill
Reconstruct an operating history with offline robot data saved and backfilled once reconnected
Custom roles
Create the role-based access you need for enhanced security
No-code embeds
Embeddables to tailor your user experience with role-based solutions and white-label interfaces
Single sign-on
Integration with internal corporate login systems
Secure data pipes
Ability to send/receive application-specific data securely between cloud and robot, leveraging InOrbit’s secure messaging infrastructure
Review performance of various robots
Video/Image database
Manage and store large image sets, with access through APIs for offline processing
Get started for free with unlimited robots
  Configurable dashboards: 3
  Audit log events: 100
  Remote Actions: 3
  Built-in roles: 2
  Cameras: 1
  Out of box integration: Slack
Get started for free
 per robot/per month
Pay as you go or
pre-pay for lower prices
  72 hs Time Capsule
  Waypoint Teleoperation
 Multi navigation layouts
 Dynamic collections
  Open Teleoperation
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Advanced functionality for companies
that demand the best platform
 Advanced teleoperation
  Robot Locks
  Multiple maps
 Advanced video
 Video/Image database
  Custom Roles
  No-code embeds
  Offline data collection
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