293 Castro St, Mountain View, California
Open: Mon - Fri, 12:00 - 6:00

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What is the InOrbit Robot Space?

Since opening its doors in early 2023, the InOrbit Robot Space has become a center of technological innovation nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley. Here, visitors can explore the industry's latest mobile robots and experience the impact of RobOps, or robot operations.

As a robot showcase, the space offers a glimpse into how robots, smart infrastructure, and automation technologies collaborate with each other and people to enhance productivity across various industries, including retail, hospitality, and logistics. The Robot Space is a beacon for robotics innovation, a concept store,  and a community hub for industry veterans and those new to robotics.

Our success since opening has led to dramatic growth. This year the InOrbit Robot Space has expanded - tripling in size! That means more room to highlight ecosystem partners, robots, and exciting automation technology.

Drop in during operating hours for a firsthand look at the future of robotics.

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In-person & remote demos

Robots are revolutionizing industries worldwide, from warehouses to hotels, airports to hospitals. At the InOrbit Robot Space, visitors witness firsthand how cutting-edge automation technologies seamlessly integrate into daily operations, performing tasks alongside humans. InOrbit shows visitors how data-driven insights and advanced orchestration enable robots to collaborate effectively, offering a glimpse into the evolving landscape of automation.

In-person and remote demonstrations at the Robot Space show visitors the need for robots, regardless of the vendor, to co-exist with awareness of each other on the same map, coordinate activities in a shared dynamic space and ultimately collaborate with each other in the real world.  

At the InOrbit Robot Space, visitors can experience firsthand how these technologies come together through vibrant demonstrations.

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A community hub

The InOrbit Robot Space is in the heart of Mountain View, California. We’re growing with our customers, partners, and neighbors as a part of the community. Everyone is welcome here. 

Join us for upcoming events, meetups, and educational talks as we demystify how modern robots are working with us to build a better world. Get hands-on with real robots, explore RobOps best practices, and learn what it takes to manage and coordinate complex robot fleets in real-world scenarios. 

InOrbit is a proud sponsor of local educational resources and non-profits. Additionally, the InOrbit Robot Space serves as a community educational resource for burgeoning roboticists of all ages; partnering with robotics and tech clubs from the Bay Area and beyond.
Join us to take part in upcoming community events

Community and Events

Is your group looking for a venue to host a unique robotics event? Let's talk!

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A robot playground

The InOrbit Robot Space is home to robots of all stripes. While our focus is on autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), we’re excited by innovative automation in all its forms. Visitors will see a growing and rotating set of robots at work and play in Mountain View. 

Our industry partners use the InOrbit Robot Space to share the latest hardware and showcase their technologies; while InOrbit software engineers develop, test, and play with the newest RobOps tools on the InOrbit platform. Watch us bring wild concepts to life in this robot playground.  

Interested in featuring your automation technology at the InOrbit Robot Space? Let’s talk!

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Meet Orbito

The InOrbit Robot Space is home to InOrbit’s community ambassador Orbito

Our adorable robot mascot celebrates robotic advancements from around the world, and educates visitors to the InOrbit Robot Space about the power and potential for robots working together.

Join Orbito at the InOrbit Robot Space where you can learn more about our vision for the future of robotics. Visitors can walk away with exclusive Orbito branded merch from stickers to shirts and hoodies and more.   

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