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InOrbit in Logistics

Florian Pestoni

InOrbit has been selected by the largest companies in Logistics and Supply Chain as one of the leading technologies to help drive automation at scale. From an initial set of 500 startups, 22 have been chosen by participating enterprises to be part of the Supply Chain Innovation program at Plug and Play.

This is a unique opportunity to engage with the leaders in logistics who are counting on automation to help them scale. Several macro-economic trends are impacting the movement of goods at global and local scale. Yutaka Nagao, CEO of Yamato Transport Japan’s largest package delivery company, said in an interview: “I expect the labor shortage to continue … We need to consider labor-saving measures.” (Source: Reuters) The company has announced it is developing unmanned flying delivery systems in collaboration with Bell Helicopter.

AI and robotics are changing the face of logistics and supply chain through innovations in inventory management, material movement, warehousing, maintenance and last mile-delivery, to name a few. “The demand for robots and the supply of advanced robotic solutions for the optimization of logistics processes, combined with labor shortages, have created a tipping point that could lead to widespread adoption of robots in warehouses and logistics operations to assist and displace human workers.” Shipments of warehousing and logistics robots are expected to grow rapidly over the next 5 years from 194,000 units in 2018 to 938,000 units annually by 2022 (source Tractica.)

InOrbit helps companies improve the efficiency of their robot fleet. Our cloud-based automation management platform enables enterprises to develop, deploy and operate smart machines at global scale. With over a dozen customers since our launch in 4Q2018, our analytics and AI system processes over 100 TB per day … and growing quickly.

The leading suppliers of logistics solutions are already deploying dozens of automation solutions. InOrbit allows them to control their growing fleets of heterogeneous robots from multiple vendors with a single analytics and operational platform for a complete view of their automation processes.

Through predictive analytics, ML-based actionable insights and AI algorithms, InOrbit orchestrates siloed automation solutions into an integrated system. As adopters go from proof of concept to pilots to at-scale deployment, we can put all of their smart machines in orbit and manage them through our Mission Control software.

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