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Cleanup on Aisle 14: How Will Robots Disrupt Cleaning?

By Team InOrbit

Cleaning is one of the most-hated chores for people, and over the years we’ve seen improvements in automating tasks like vacuuming, washing dishes, and floor cleaning. In commercial locations, we’re now seeing autonomous robots enter the field with self-driving robotic floor scrubbers, and automated disinfection robots to help sanitize hospital rooms and other public areas.

While many of these autonomous mobile systems are similar to mobile robots seen in the warehouse and logistics space, there are specific challenges unique to the cleaning market, such as providing verification of cleaning tasks, and monitoring a machine’s cleaning fluid as well as its battery life. In addition, companies that deploy autonomous cleaning systems at their location may already have existing AMRs performing different tasks, such as scanning retail aisles for inventory, or delivering eCommerce orders for fulfillment.

These challenges, solutions, and opportunities are addressed in a new InOrbit whitepaper, “Overcoming Challenges to Bring Automated Cleaning to Scale.” Along with a discussion of the problems facing cleaning robots, the whitepaper explores how robot companies and those deploying autonomous robots can benefit from enhanced orchestration and optimization platforms to help them scale their robot fleets.

Learn more about the challenges facing automated cleaning robots. Download the free whitepaper here.