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Feature Update: Let's have a chat

By Team InOrbit

ChatOps, meet RobOps. InOrbit is really happy to share news today about our new incident management integration with the Google Chat platform. This open-source feature lets users receive notifications about their robots, even if the InOrbit app is not open.

How does it work?

When your robots get stuck or run out of battery power, they emit a signal that InOrbit detects, and presents as a notification. However, these notifications are only visible within the InOrbit app; if you exit the app, any incoming incidents can be missed.

Our new Google Chat integration connects directly with the InOrbit platform to deliver our notifications via Google Chat, removing the need to keep InOrbit open at all times.  Coming soon you’ll also be able to  check, mitigate or correct any type of incident in real time on the InOrbit platform with a single click from Google Chat.

Why Google Chat?

Many companies already use Google Chat as a way to communicate internally with colleagues from around the world. We chose to integrate with this platform to make it easy and accessible for companies to utilize this feature with something they most likely already use. 

Why open source?

Open-source code allows third-party developers to build on it, creating custom integrations for other IM clients that may be more useful to their specific needs. Now, anyone can contribute to the repository's upkeep by submitting updates showcasing new features or bug fixes.

Anything else?

Our goal is to build features at InOrbit that help our customers work smarter. This integration highlights how InOrbit capabilities can be readily extended to integrate notifications from external systems. Sharing the code sample as we have allows InOrbit users to control how their integration is executed. Google Chat is just the start and a great example of the capabilities we support. This same code can be applied to other integrations from Salesforce Automation, to Jira, MS Team, Slack, and more. We’re proud to continue building the best tools we can that will maximize the potential of every robot and simplify the life of every operator.

Explore the code further on Github.