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How APIs can Unlock Greater Integrations for Robotics Operations

By Team InOrbit

Robots operating in unstructured environments are bound to run into situations that require human intervention. Having the right incident management system is key to meeting service level agreements (SLAs) to help prevent robots from failing constantly.

One of the recent updates to the InOrbit platform is integration with external incident management systems via a new set of APIs. As part of this launch, we’re excited to announce support for two-way synchronization with Opsgenie, a solution for on-call and alert management used by DevOps teams. With this premium integration, Opsgenie alerts can be created, synchronized, and enriched with data from InOrbit, including the latest events from the audit log, robot status, and collections.

Learn more about the integration and how to enable it.

The bigger picture

This integration is just one great example of how InOrbit can use the latest application programming interfaces (APIs) from many different software platforms to offer benefits to users of both platforms. The InOrbit platform can integrate data and workflows with incident management, data analytics, and business applications.

APIs make robot data accessible, creating a unified, single source of truth for your data, while unifying your operations workflows. This allows developers to accelerate development of applications and solutions that include robot-specific information and insights. InOrbit is a data platform with secure, scalable access to all of your robot’s data. Rich, two-way APIs ensure data continuity between software platforms. For example, incidents in InOrbit can trigger alarms in Opsgenie; resolving incidents within InOrbit can resolve associated alerts in Opsgenie; alerts created in Opsgenie can trigger incidents in InOrbit, and closing an alert that began in Opsgenie can resolve the incident within InOrbit. 

With API integration, you can expand your capabilities using the systems you have today, while upgrading any component when needed. InOrbit UI components let you provide white-label interfaces for system integrators, predefined dashboards for specific users, or even incorporate specific UI widgets using a client SDK to compose custom applications.

With InOrbit + Opsgenie, robot manufacturers and operators can benefit from the real-time observability and traceability provided by InOrbit, and the best practices for responding to incidents that Opsgenie enables. Dedicated teams can be notified on their preferred devices, can acknowledge alerts and escalate as necessary. Completing the cycle, the right people can use InOrbit to resolve problems, eg by re-localizing a robot, resolving a false positive or responding to a corner case that was not supported by the robot’s autonomy software.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about API integrations and how they can work with your system.