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Expansion Time: New Advisors Join InOrbit Team

Florian Pestoni

Today I’m happy to announce four new members have joined the InOrbit Board of Advisors, representing outstanding expertise in the field of robotics, cloud technology, supply chain management and venture funding. Our advisors help InOrbit accelerate our vision to help companies scale their robotic fleets through our cloud-based robot operations (RobOps) platform.

The four new advisors represent a wealth of experience across different fields:

Martin Hitch, one of the co-founders of BossaNoavatar_hitchva Robotics, who helped the company pivot from consumer products to service robotics. During his tenure at Bossa Nova, he raised more than $40 million in venture investment.

avatar_echaguePatricio Echague, co-founder and CTO at, is an entrepreneur and engineer passionate about data and high-performance systems. At Split Software, he’s changing the way software companies release features and add value to their customers. He was also part of the engineering founding team at RelateIQ, which was acquired by Salesforce.

avatar_boothJeff Booth, a visionary leader who has lived at the forefront of technology change for more than 20 years. He led BuildDirect, a technology company that aimed to simplify the building industry, for nearly two decades. He is also the author of “The Price of Tomorrow.”

avatar_mooreBill Moore, a venture partner at Walden International. As the COO at Bossa Nova Robotics, he led hardware/software engineering, manufacturing, and field operations. He previously founded DSSD, a high-performance enterprise storage company acquired by EMC.


As the co-founder and CEO of InOrbit, I’ve been very fortunate to work with and receive mentoring from each of them over the last year. They were hand-picked to join our board of advisors for their specific and complementary contributions to InOrbit. Their critical insights and perspective will help augment InOrbit’s technical, business and domain intelligence.

"With a maniacal focus on robot operations, InOrbit provides a world-class suite of tools that enable robot operations at massive scale." -- Martin Hitch

The new advisors have praised us for our ability to monitor robotic fleets in real-time, efficiently diagnosing issues and updating the fleet remotely on the fly. “InOrbit provided the operational backbone for the successful management of our fleet, and in doing so enabled the network of other partners, such as field maintenance, to do what each did best,” said Hitch on InOrbit’s support of Bossa Nova’s fleet. “With a maniacal focus on robot operations, InOrbit provides a world-class suite of tools that enable robot operations at massive scale. By prioritizing what’s important, they help robot fleets meet and exceed customer SLAs.”

“InOrbit is bringing to robotics many of the advanced data-management best practices that have been critical to enable the massive scale we see in the cloud today,” said Echague. “The technical challenges of analyzing petabytes of distributed data being generated every day and extracting actionable insights require a high level of specialization. InOrbit has the potential for becoming the Snowflake of robotics.”

These new advisors join existing advisors Sarah Osentoski, SVP of Engineering at IronOx; Carolyn Brugera, attorney and general counsel; Mario Munich, chief engineering officer at Embodied; and Vic Mahadevan, who has held strategic roles at NetApp, Compaq, Ivita, and Maxxan Systems.

InOrbit is bridging the autonomy gap through a cloud robot management platform that enables robotics companies and operators to develop, deploy and orchestrate autonomous robots at global scale. This requires bridging across many disciplines, from cloud infrastructure to supply chain management. Counting on the expertise and intuition of some of the leading innovators in these areas as part of our board of advisors gives InOrbit super powers.

To learn more, check out our FAQ here.