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InOrbit + Qualcomm: Helping Developers Build Fleets

By Team InOrbit

InOrbit is a leading partner of the Qualcomm® Robotics Platform and a member of its Qualcomm Advantage Network. Qualcomm and InOrbit have integrated the next generation of AI-enabled, 5G-connected autonomous robots with a modern, distributed data platform that can maximize the potential of every robot. 

The Qualcomm Robotics RB5 platform enables robot developers and software developers to build innovative, power-efficient and cost-effective robots combining high-performance heterogeneous computing, Qualcomm® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine for on-device machine learning, computer vision, vault-like security, multimedia and 5G cellular and advanced Wi-Fi connectivity.

InOrbit is the best solution for RobOps (robot operations), bringing together best practices and technologies such as Devops, IoT, edge computing and real-time analytics. Robot developers and operators can accelerate time to market, greatly increase operational efficiency, and improve robot production output, reducing robot deployment time, all while scaling fleet size. 

InOrbit capabilities include:

  • Real-time monitoring, alerting and incident management
  • Remote interventions, problem resolution and teleoperation
  • Fleet optimization and continuous product improvement
  • Personalization and role-based access control
  • Extensibility and ease of integration with business systems
  • Advanced data visualization and analytics.

Together, the companies combine the best chipset for robotics with support for artificial intelligence, 5G and general-purpose computing with the best cloud platform for developing, deployment and scaling robot operations.

As both platforms continue to evolve, the InOrbit robot agent can enable robot developers to leverage key Qualcomm Robot Platform RB5 and future capabilities, including:

  • Connectivity – With multiple options for connectivity, including Wi-Fi 6, 4G/LTE (including support for private LTE networks) and 5G wireless, InOrbit can optimize robot operations and provide customers with detailed network data. InOrbit can monitor network performance in real time, map signal quality and track incidents. In addition, we can leverage APIs for quality of service (QoS), private networks and telemetry functions. 5G networks allow InOrbit to leverage low latency for advanced use cases, such as teleoperation, real-time remote viewing, and more.
  • AI – The Qualcomm AI Engine can accelerate on-device machine learning and neural processing for next-generation robots. InOrbit can offload the edge-processing and analysis for improved inference performance, as well as efficient power utilization. Using frameworks such as SNPE, InOribt can integrate neural processing and predictive analysis functionality driven by the customer’s application.
  • Data security – Through a deep hardware and software integration with Qualcomm’s Processor Security technology, InOrbit can leverage Hardware Root of Trust and crypto-processing capabilities to establish strong security, resulting in improved operational safety for robot developers.

This is just a small sample of how the partnership between Qualcomm and InOrbit can benefit robot developers large and small in their quest to optimize value from their next-generation robot designs.

Together, InOrbit + Qualcomm can help you develop and manage fleets of autonomous robots at scale.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more on how InOrbit and Qualcomm can help you in your robotics development.