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InOrbit Connect makes it easy

By Team InOrbit

Today we’re so excited to announce the launch of InOrbit Connect™. This new certification program is designed to make life easier for robot developers and end users, by streamlining robot integration at scale. Now companies deploying robots to improve internal processes can add one or hundreds of robots to their InOrbit account with just one click. Robot buyers also have access to a free, comprehensive robot directory, including InOrbit Connect-certified robots. With a growing list of robotics companies, we expect this to become an invaluable industry resource.

Truly a first-of-its-kind certification program Connect helps bring robot developers and end-users together. Removing the barriers to getting actionable, real-time robot operations data across from vendors. The program enables developers to easily gather data from all of their robots in the field to drive continuous improvement. By connecting their robots to the cloud end users can access all critical operational data in one place regardless of vendor. 

InOrbit Connect process

The process to certify robots is simple. Developers can review the steps on the InOrbit Connect page, and certify their robots with minimal effort. Rbot companies with Connected robots can rest assured that their robot operations are covered even in multi-robot deployment scenarios.

InOrbit Connect certified

Read the press release for more details on Connect, or explore the InOrbit Connect primer here. We already have several key partners excited to share their experience as Connect certified companies and are excited to share the opportunity with the rest of the robotics community.

Enjoy this special message from InOrbit CEO Florian Pestoni, to mark the launch of Inorbit Connect.


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