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Navigating robotics with Intelligence

By Team InOrbit

At InOrbit, we’re often asked for robotics advice. Our partners and prospective customers know that we have expertise across vendors, and across industries. Unlike systems integrators, we are, and have always been hardware agnostic. We are trusted to give informed, expert advice without bias. As we recently announced, InOrbit Intelligence formalizes our consultation service with guidance for companies using robots at any stage of their automation journey.

We’ve worked with a lot of companies, particularly those just getting started, that are exploring how to best implement automation. InOrbit CEO Florian Pestoni recently explained how “We recognize the challenges faced by end users in the early stages of robotic integration” noting, “That's why we're excited to introduce InOrbit Intelligence, a unique program designed to support businesses navigating this transformative process through our automation expertise."

The program is built on 3 pillars that holistically help companies deploying robots create value for their business through automation.

InOrbit Intelligence guides early-stage companies to understand the robotics landscape and market trends. Our consultants help companies define their robotics strategy to co-design and implement or scale up a pilot. 

The InOrbit Platform provides companies with the tools they need to monitor, manage incidents and operate robots regardless of fleet size.

Finally, the InOrbit Ecosystem leverages our other pillars and extends the capabilities of our platform by complementing our offering with the best industry partners, robot developers, and system integrators to meet unique needs through the robotics journey.

The process is really exciting and those interested can explore the InOrbit Intelligence webpage for more details.

This marks a new chapter for InOrbit, as we bring together everything we’ve learned on our mission to maximize the potential of every robot so that we can share it with the world. While InOrbit has always been a customer-first, product-focused platform, our vision for sharing the importance of RobOps has always driven us. We want to build a world where humans, robots and AI can work together to drive radical productivity improvements and empower people to reach new heights. InOrbit Intelligence is another step to realizing that vision.

We’re thrilled to see partners new and old join us on this Intelligence journey. You can join the InOrbit Intelligence team on September 28th as we host InOrbit Connect Live. This free event is another new step for us that we can’t wait to share. Check out the event details and register right here