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IOC Live: Orchestrating the Future of Robotics in Supply Chain

By Team InOrbit

At the recent InOrbit Connect Live event, attendees with a keen interest in robotics for supply chain and logistics were in for a treat. The event featured a lineup of experts from industry-leading companies, including Kärcher, Instock, and SICK, who showcased innovative products for automation and infrastructure. However, the highlight of the event was a panel discussion on "Robot Operations in the Supply Chain." This insightful conversation delved deep into the latest technologies, strategies, and the benefits of effective RobOps in the supply chain industry.

But perhaps the most exciting moment of the event came when InOrbit's co-founder and CEO, Florian Pestoni, took the stage. He presented a live multi-vendor robot demonstration from the InOrbit Robot Space, showcasing the platform's remarkable capabilities in mission execution and the collaboration of a heterogeneous robot fleet. To get a firsthand look, please enjoy the demonstration video.


The entire InOrbit Connect Live event is now available on-demand for free. You can access the full video on demand (VOD) by clicking here. For further information about InOrbit Connect and our RobOps solutions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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