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Meet an InOrbiter: Barbara

By Team InOrbit

At InOrbit, most of our time is spent thinking about robots and how to make them perform better. But part of that vision includes robots and humans working together – without the human factor, robots are just a collection of metal and plastic parts. Here is another in a series of posts highlighting some of the outstanding humans on the InOrbit team, also known as InOrbiters. The posts aim to share details on some of the newest members of the team, what drove them to work here, and what they find most interesting about robotics and the development of the InOrbit platform.

Barbara Martinez, Front-end developer

How did you find out about InOrbit?

Actually, InOrbit found me. A recruiter had contacted me through LinkedIn to become a member of the InOrbit team. I went through the recruiting process and have been here since December.

What is special about working at InOrbit?

My job is really interesting. I love to work with front-end code, especially developing interactive features that the users can "touch" and operate, and InOrbit has a lot of these types of features.

Why robotics?

I have been interested in robotics since I was a child. However, I left that behind for some reason, and now life has put me back on this track, so I'm very happy about that.

What inspires you in your work?

I really love the idea of creating useful things to help people. Robots can help many people, so I like developing the tools to better handle robots so they can help people become more efficient and do their jobs more easily.

InOrbit is always looking for new InOrbiters. If you’d like to join our team, check out the latest job openings at InOrbit.