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Meet an InOrbiter: Clara

By Team InOrbit

At InOrbit, most of our time is spent thinking about robots and how to make them perform better. But part of that vision includes robots and humans working together – without the human factor, robots are just a collection of metal and plastic parts. We are starting a series of posts highlighting some of the outstanding humans on the InOrbit team, also known as InOrbiters. The posts will share details on some of the newest members to the team, what drove them to work here, and what they find most interesting about robotics and the development of the InOrbit platform.

Clara Sanchez, Software Engineer

How did you find out about InOrbit? 

I was working as a secretary in a physical therapy office while studying computer engineering. After seeing an Instagram ad for an academy called Henry that trains programmers without charging them anything during the course (the student pays when they get a job), I studied part-time for eight months to become a full stack developer. After finishing the course, I saw an ad for InOrbit and applied to become a programmer here.

What is special about working at InOrbit?

I am very, very lucky to say that my first professional experience is at InOrbit. There is no better way to work than having amazing people around me that every day push me to be a better professional, but also because they gave me everything to make me feel super comfortable from the beginning.

Why robotics?

I still can’t believe that I am working with robots. I always projected that in the future I would work for a car company, but the truth is now I prefer robots, even though they drive me crazy sometimes.

What inspires you about your work?

I am enjoying this moment, and I wouldn’t change my experience here for anything. The world of robotics is so big that you never stop learning and implementing new and cool stuff. The good thing about this company is that InOrbit combines robots and incredible energy from the whole team.

InOrbit is always looking for new InOrbiters. If you’d like to join our team, check out the latest job openings at InOrbit.