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Now launching: InOrbit's Early Access Program

Barry Hartman

At InOrbit, we’ve partnered with many robotics companies to advance the software tools and processes that have helped them scale to hundreds of robots, and eventually to thousands of robots.

Today, we’re proud to announce the InOrbit Early Access Program (EAP), which gives robotics companies exclusive access to new product capabilities before they become generally available. By participating in the EAP, companies can better shape and influence features of the InOrbit platform to help achieve our shared goal of scaling robot fleets around the world.

A stellar example of customer collaboration led to enhancements of our already feature-rich teleoperations. Customers have already been using our existing teleoperation features, Open (e.g., using a virtual joystick) and Waypoint (pick arbitrary map location). The two options were built with safety in mind – enforcing a maximum-allowed latency for issuing movement commands and the ability to “nudge” a robot. 

As they were growing their fleet by 10x, a customer discovered a need for higher fidelity teleoperations to resolve some autonomy exceptions more effectively. Working with this customer, we created a new feature called Precision Teleop that uses the robot’s navigation system. Operators can now move a robot by specifying a precise angle and distance, including optional backward motion, leading to shorter mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) and getting robots back on-mission more quickly.

Examples like this showcase the power of the EAP – customers can focus on advancing their applications and business model while ensuring that InOrbit builds the tools they need to efficiently run operations at scale.

As a member of the EAP, companies can be on the cutting edge of building and operating distributed robot fleets. Members will:

  • be one of the first to receive and deploy our latest innovations;
  • contribute to the creation of valuable capabilities and features;
  • receive exclusive Early Access support through our awesome Customer Success team;
  • have direct-link access to our engineers, who can answer your questions and give valuable feedback.

Spots in the Early Access Program are limited, so please fill out the EAP form to reserve your place in the program.