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Available Now: InOrbit RobOps Copilot for Streamlined Robot Operations

By Team InOrbit

InOrbit Robops Copilot debuted this May at Automate to a resounding success. Attendees at the show were excited to explore how AI can positively impact robot operations. we’re thrilled to announce that RobOps Copilot is now available to everyone across the InOrbit platform!

RobOps Copilot empowers users to dive deep into complex robot and fleet data. Using natural language, users can extract valuable insights and drive optimization. Whether it’s analyzing performance metrics, diagnosing incidents, or planning improvements, RobOps Copilot helps users explore their robot data to find the answers they need.

Accessibility is at the heart of RobOps Copilot. It’s designed to work seamlessly where teams already meet—messaging apps like Slack. Imagine a manager asking for real-time data during a team meeting or operators collaborating to troubleshoot an incident. RobOps Copilot bridges the gap between technical experts and those less familiar with robotics.

Previously available in early access with select partners, RobOps Copilot is now generally available to all InOrbit users. While some advanced features are available only as Standard or Enterprise edition add-ons, all InOrbit users, including those on InOrbit Free and Developer Editions, will have a chance to use InOrbit RobOps Copilot today to start leveraging the power of AI-driven data analytics.

Ask questions, receive detailed explanations, refine the analysis, and make informed decisions with InOrbit RobOps Copilot. Bring AI power to robot operations today.


Check out the InOrbit RobOps Copilot webpage for more detail, and join us this Thursday, June 6th for a free webinar that will explore RobOps Copilot in depth. InOrbit experts will share a live demo and discuss the evolving role of AI in robotics. Sign up right here.

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