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Launching the InOrbit Robot Space

By Team InOrbit

As you may have seen in today’s exciting press release InOrbit is bringing RobOps to life in a truly unique way. The InOrbit Robot Space is part product showroom, part concept store, and part community space located in downtown Mountain View, California. This is an opportunity for us to put our product through its paces in a simulated but still very real context. Allowing robot developers and end users to explore the challenges faced by multi-vendor robot fleet orchestration and the value InOrbit can provide.


At the InOrbit Robot Space, we show visitors how robots can co-exist, coordinate and ultimately collaborate with each other in the real world. We know that when we orchestrate fleets of robots with the right tools in hand, anything is possible. For those interested in getting hands-on, the InOrbit Robot Space will host in-person and remote robot demonstrations on request

This isn’t an ordinary product showroom, practically unheard of for a SaaS robotics company, the InOrbit Robot Space is unique in that we’re open to the public and have exciting plans to take part in the community. As you may know, our vision is to help build a world where humans, robots and AI in the cloud work together to drive radical productivity improvements and empower people to reach new heights. The InOrbit Robot Space lets us bring real working robots into a space where developers and those new to robotics alike can learn, touch, and experience them. We talk about vision and how it relates to product a lot at InOrbit. That’s because we really believe in the world we want to create. The InOrbit Robot Space is a realization of that vision.

In the words of InOrbit CEO Florian Pestoni “Our goal is to demystify and raise awareness of the real-world application of robots.” Adding that “We’re excited to exhibit robots from our partners like OTTO Motors and other industry leaders. This is a space for the robotics community at large to learn and advance the state of the art in robot operations. It’s also a place for everyone else – from kids to older adults – to experience how robots can help with everyday chores.”


We’re planning some exciting partnerships with the tech and robotics community as well. Today we’re announcing initial collaborations with Women in Robotics, Silicon Valley Robotics, and the Robot Operations Group. We want the InOrbit Robot Space to be a gathering place in the Bay Area for locals and visitors to comfortably explore and learn about robots. We have high hopes for more partnerships to come. 

You may have seen them in our feed before but we’ve also found a new role for our mascot Orbito, as a community ambassador. We've already brought Orbito around the world with us to trade shows and events, and now they’ve got a home base to continue educating and evangelizing the good work robots can do.  3D printed figures, as well as t-shirts, hoodies, and other Orbito branded merch, will be available for purchase at the InOrbit Robot Space.

The InOrbit Robot Space is located at 293 Castro St, in Mountain View, California. Operating hours are Monday-Friday 12 pm - 6 pm, starting on February 20th, 2023. 

To learn more about the InOrbit Robot Space click here.