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End Users in Logistics and Manufacturing are Demanding Robot Orchestration

Florian Pestoni

Last year I participated in the A3 conference on Autonomous Mobile Robots & Logistics, in Memphis. The location was no coincidence: Memphis is the global headquarters for FedEx, one of the largest logistics companies, with operations around the world. A highlight for me was being on stage with luminaries in the robotics space, including FedEx’s Aaron Prather.

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Tales from the con: A3 AMR & Logistics conference 2021

Diego May

It was really great to be part of the A3 AMR & Logistics conference this year.

The conference had the usual good presentations and panels, but the exhibitor’s floor was where robot and technology manufacturers met to discuss the latest technologies and innovations in this nascent field of robotics. This conference in particular, being held in Memphis, saw the almost overshadowing presence of FedEx in attendance. But through the different panels and visitors on the exhibition floor, it became crystal clear to us that the “end user” is definitely considering operations as they think about how to deploy diverse robotics technologies in the field. This confirms that our drive to promote effective RobOps is working.

The topic of interoperability was a part of several different presentations this year, which showed a growing understanding from enterprises and robot vendors about how interoperability is the next important step to take the industry to the next level.

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Orchestrating Robots, Humans, and Other Robots Requires Openness

By Team InOrbit

Robot operations (RobOps) is not just about making sure robots and humans work well together to complete tasks. It’s also about getting robots and other robots to work well together, especially as an increasing number of companies deploy different robot systems to handle multiple tasks.

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