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InOrbit releases Data Backfill saving robot data once thought lost

By Team InOrbit

Today InOrbit announces the release of Data Backfill, adding to our growing list of RobOps tools designed to address specific challenges companies face when managing robot fleets at scale. This is another piece of the puzzle for how to maintain end-to-end observability under even the most demanding conditions, eliminating gaps in collected data by reconstructing a robot’s operating history through offline data saved and backfilled upon reconnection.

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2022 will be The Year of the Robot (again)

Florian Pestoni

It’s the start of a new year, and it’s customary to look at the year ahead. In addition, February 1st will mark the start of The Year of the Tiger in the Lunar calendar. 

Over here at InOrbit, we believe that it will also be The Year of the Robot. As companies across industries become more comfortable with the use of autonomous robots to augment their workforce, growth in robotics deployments is accelerating.

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