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Time Capsule Gives You Time-Travel Powers

By Team InOrbit

Like most geeks, we’re big fans of time-travel movies and stories that allow characters to go forward or backward in time to either right past wrongs, or see historical events from a different perspective. That was part of the motivation for Time Capsule™, a new offering from InOrbit.

As the name suggests, Time Capsule gives you the ability to see what happened with your robots during a specific period of time. For example, you may access a Time Capsule spanning before and right after an incident. Each Time Capsule may include interactive visualizations of data sources, a map showing the robot's progress and a robot log. You can dig deeper into the data to discover possible causes for an incident or finding patterns in the robot's behavior.

Much more than just a replay, the primary purpose of Time Capsule is to extract insights by presenting only the most relevant data in easy-to-understand representations. For instance robot pose data is aggregated to enable map views to show where incidents occurred, the path of the robot, or a heat map that shows spots where the robot is spending most of its time. Adjusting the time range allows you to see robot activity across hours or even days, using the heat map to see behavioral patterns that may lead to improvements in the operations or its environment.

Just as Cher wanted to “turn back time” in order to take back hurtful words from a break-up, our Time Capsule lets you turn back time to possibly right some wrongs as well – such as discovering a troublesome area on the robot’s path. Armed with this data, roboticists, operations team members, and engineers can use data to continuously improve and optimize robot fleets.

Time Capsule is part of our effort to bring continuous improvement processes to the InOrbit platform that helps customers get more from their robots, whether it’s a warehouse robot helping to fill e-commerce orders, a cleaning robot scrubbing the floors of a school autonomously, or a grocery store robot scanning the aisles to make sure retailers don’t run out of paper plates.

We take continuous improvement so seriously, that we are using it ourselves: we have upgraded our user experience with a cleaner look, improved glanceability, and advancements in navigation to help you see through your robot's "eyes". Words really don't do all this goodness justice, but we have a solution for that as well.

To showcase our latest functionality, we invite you to register for a free webinar that will dig deeper into the InOrbit platform and all that it can offer for companies of all sizes. Reserve your spot now to join us live on Wednesday, May 26, at 8 a.m. PDT or check out the recording afterwards. This 30-minute overview will show you how efficient robot operations can unleash even more ROI. And please, feel free to “Cher” this with your friends and colleagues.