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RobOps Copilot at Automate

By Team InOrbit

This week the InOrbit.AI team is hitting the road for Chicago and we couldn’t be more excited. Once again we’ll be at the Association for Advancing Automation, or A3’s premier robotics show, Automate. Visit us on the show floor at booth #3256, and feel free to book a live, remote demo. This is a great opportunity to connect directly with our industry peers developing automation, and those end users looking for the right robotics solution to meet their unique needs. Every year we see this show grow and we’re particularly thrilled to be back in Chicago with our latest innovation on display: InOrbit RobOps CopilotTM.   

If you missed last week’s announcement on the launch of RobOps Copilot not to worry, we’ve got you. At its core, the AI-powered product is built to simplify data analysis. Let’s face it, robots produce A LOT of data, and understanding that data is critical. Users need to capture the right information, put it in context, and visualize it in a way that everyone can understand. We take this seriously. We know from experience that data drives insights that directly impact business decisions around automation. We’ve had customers come to us with robot POCs that are verging on falling apart due to bad, or a lack of data analysis. This is of course where InOrbit can help. Data is necessary to prove value, and we’re making it easier than ever to explore with RobOps Copilot.

InOrbit Robops Copilot is much more than a chatbot, it's a means for everyone in an organization, regardless of technical aptitude, to explore robot and fleet data in detail. From robot health, to mission status and incident management, RobOps Copilot is built to help uncover optimization insights.

InOrbit CEO and Co-founder Florrian Pestoni noted how “AI tools are becoming more accessible than ever. At InOrbit we work with partners across industries and support a range of automation from amrs and agvs to industrial infrastructure like fixed cameras, to integrated systems like enterprise resource planners (ERPs). InOrbit has the rare opportunity to leverage massive amounts of operational data to simplify the user journey to uncover optimization insights”

One of the most exciting aspects to RobOps Copilot is the integration with messaging apps like Slack. This allows for a team of users to collaboratively probe their robot data with the help of their RobOps Copilot. InOrbit Head of AI, Ramiro Diaz Trepat explained why collaboration is so important in data analysis, “Copilot lets the whole team connect more deeply with their robot and fleet data. Users can communicate in natural language, no technical expertise or fancy jargon is required. This makes data truly accessible. Working together a team can get to the insights that matter most to each stakeholder or probe an incident from a variety of approaches to accelerate optimization. It's really exciting!”   

We’re thrilled to bring InOrbit RobOps Copilot to Automate 2024. InOrbit is exhibiting at booth #3256, and if your team is at the show we’d love to see you drop in and book a demo.