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InOrbit Developer Portal is now available

By Team InOrbit

The great news keeps rolling in at InOrbit. We are happy to announce that our Developer Portal is now available.

We love to think of everything we do here at InOrbit as providing tools and colorful building blocks to robotics developers so they can integrate RobOps into their next generation of robots. In addition to our Free Edition announcement from a few weeks ago, the next part of the robotics software equation is Developer Portal, which provides a centralized tool box of APIs, SDKs, embed codes and other open-source contributions, such as our recent interoperability work and ChatOps integrations. In addition to the tools, Developer Portal also offers clear documentation that explains how our components work and how they work together, so you can start coding right away.

As our CTO and co-founder, Julian Cerruti, explained in today’s press release, “As engineers ourselves, we always want to create tools that solve problems and can be incorporated as part of the robotics development workflow.” We feel that Developer Edition lets roboticists and software engineers get started more quickly, freeing up time so they can focus on making robots that differentiate themselves from others in the industry.

If you are a robotics developer or software engineer, go check out the Developer Portal here. Or, if you have more questions, sign up for the free webinar in which Cerruti and InOrbit CEO Florian Pestoni discuss the ins and outs of both Free Edition and Developer Portal.

In the immortal words of Steve Ballmer, it’s about the “developers, developers, developers!”