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Spotlight on WiBotic at the InOrbit Robot Space

By Team InOrbit

Today, we pull back the curtain on what charges us up at the InOrbit Robot Space. It powers our multi-vendor robot fleet during live demos, making our RobOps platform and our partner's robots truly shine. Today our spotlight turns to the incredible tech from our partners at WiBotic.

The Challenge

The InOrbit Robot Space has become something of a phenomenon since it opened in early 2023. Part product showroom, part community center, part mad laboratory, for various automation experiments.  Our partners and our community in Mountain View have embraced the space. Our team can draw tangible connections between complex robotics concepts through real-world examples. Some may have called it crazy, but in less than 12 months we’ve hosted over 250 customer demos, ran community events every single month, and engaged over 1000 event participants directly. We’ve made the value of RobOps real to a lot of people who hadn’t heard of it before. 

WiBotic joins the Robot Space logo wall

The unique challenge of managing a multi-vendor robot fleet in a dynamic setting like the Robot Space is not to be overstated. One day we may be demoing outdoor navigation with a Clearpath Jackal, and then next we’re showing how OTTO and MiR can coordinate for optimized traffic flow in a warehouse setting. All of the robots we feature have one thing in common - they need power. That of course is where our partners at WiBotic step in. 

It's Wireless

WiBotic is pioneering the future of autonomous charging. They may call it universal, scalable, and reliable but for us, as it likely is for many users, it’s wireless charging that just makes our robots work. Interestingly, the more we talk with robotics end users the more we see this is a sentiment shared by many. Will it help throughput, will it help with coverage, will it make things move faster? It all amounts to the same question - will it just make things work? The best technologies are the ones that solve practical problems. WiBotic does exactly that.  


At the InOrbit Robot Space, we’re thrilled to showcase the TR-302 Edge by Wibotic, a versatile wireless charging solution that we have integrated into our daily operations. The TR-302 Edge utilizes a unique blend of magnetic and inductive wireless charging technologies. Unlike traditional inductive systems, this transmitter's magnetic resonance technology allows for flexible positioning, ensuring reliable charging in dynamic environments (like a busy store). The integrated antenna, housed discreetly behind the Wibotic logo, simplifies installation, while LED indicators and an Ethernet port offer legitimately practical monitoring and control features. Also, although we have yet to try it, we’re told it works great outdoors! It’s a very cool piece of technology that helps us get our work done

Supercharged Operations

"At the InOrbit Robot Space, WiBotic is more than just technology; it's a key enabler for our daily operations. As we welcome each morning, we rely on the consistent charging provided by WiBotic to ensure our robots are ready to roll throughout the day.” Chris Yao, Operations Manager at the InOrbit Robot Space expressed “They’re making a tangible difference in our ability to demonstrate the capabilities of autonomous robots reliably and impressively."

"We're thrilled to partner with InOrbit in their Robot Space journey. Being a part of their daily operations and witnessing the impact of our charging solutions on the showcased robots is truly exciting," said Matt Carlson, VP of Business Development at WiBotic. "InOrbit's commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with our mission to power autonomous systems efficiently, and we look forward to contributing to the continued success of the Robot Space."

Wibotic is an InOrbit Connect partner, meaning users can rest assured that their technology will work with InOrbit, alongside other Connect-certified companies. Learn more about WiBotic here. Explore the InOrbit Robot Space here.

InOrbit Robot Space is energized by partners like WiBotic, propelling us into the future of robotics. As we charge ahead, stay connected for more illuminating glimpses into the innovations shaping the landscape of autonomous systems and technology!