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InOrbit Welcomes OTTO Motors to the Robot Space: Unveiling the Open Source OTTO <> InOrbit Connector

By Team InOrbit

At InOrbit, we've always admired the remarkable work of OTTO Motors and Clearpath Robotics. Our history together is filled with exciting collaborations starting back in 2022 when we partnered on the development of a ROS2 to VDA 5050 connector, and followed up with an impressive demo at the AMR & Logistics conference. Our approach to robotics and a desire to share a vision for an open and connected future are very closely aligned. In fact, this is one of the reasons Clearpath’s Jackal became one of the first real robots we purchased. So today, we're thrilled to share the latest chapter in our journey by welcoming the OTTO 100 officially to the InOrbit Robot Space. 

Otto in Directory newAs an InOrbit Connect-certified company we’re excited to see our partnership with OTTO Motors grow with this new addition to our expanding multi-vendor fleet of robots on display at the InOrbit Robot Space. Companies exploring robotics, with an eye for RobOps and looking for the right solution to meet their needs, can see the OTTO 100 in action. Small and powerful, this autonomous mobile robot (AMR) is built for versatility and durability. Primarily used in material handling it excels when moving boxes, bins, carts and other lightweight payloads in factories and warehouses.

The Robot Space itself lies in Mountain View at the heart of Silicon Valley and is a combination product showcase / empathy lab / executive briefing center / community space / retail store to help demystify robots. Sounds a little crazy, but it's a fantastic opportunity to showcase great robots like the OTTO 100 in a real, if scaled down, working environment. InOrbit partners, customers, and the community have all come to realize the value of the InOrbit Robot Space.


An exciting moment to be sure, but we wanted to do more. We’re also releasing the open source OTTO <> InOrbit Connector. Now companies interested in connecting OTTO Fleet Manager to the InOrbit platform have a streamlined option to bring relevant cross-platform data into InOrbit for bi-directional operations including mission and incident management along with consolidated, heterogeneous fleet analytics. Our goal is to make using OTTO AMRs with InOrbit even easier. As part of our ongoing open source initiatives, we encourage users to keep an eye out for more InOrbit Robot Connectors on GitHub, and welcome community contributions.

Robot Connectors GitHub


Learn more about OTTO Motors, their very exciting recent company news, and their entire product line at The InOrbit Robot Space is located at 293 Castro St, Mountain View, California. It's open for customer demos and to the public from Mon - Fri, 12:00 - 6:00 PM. We host regular community events and ask you to drop us a line if you’d like more information. Learn more at