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InOrbit Total Support lends expertise for growing robot fleets

By Team InOrbit

With the announcement of the InOrbit Total Support bundle robot developers and end users can now rely on a team of roboteers to bring operational efficiencies, best practices and insights to growing robot fleets. That means unparalleled 24/7 support for robots in the field and the expertise to guide real-world optimizations and fleet orchestration.

This enterprise-tier support package is offered with the Enterprise Edition of the InOrbit platform and is designed for qualified InOrbit users who need the highest level of support and are looking for a comprehensive remote robot operations solution, particularly for multi-site or multi-vendor fleets. While the program has been available in early access for select customers, we’ve now made it an available tier of support for those in need. 

Working alongside robot developers and end users, we’ve seen teams struggle to support robots deployed in pilot projects, often keeping technicians on-site to troubleshoot incidents in person. Even under the best of circumstances incidents will occur when robots operate in the real world. With accelerated growth robot makers and those companies or individuals deploying robots often find themselves in need of a coordinated support team or even a working Robot Operations Center (ROC) quickly to meet evolving demands. That need is what led us to develop Total Support. 

Beyond enterprise-level tools for robot operations, Total Support means a reduced number of incidents, a reduced mean time to resolution (MTTR) for incidents, and fewer headaches for internal support or operations managers as InOrbit roboteers address the vast majority of common autonomy exceptions remotely and quickly. 

InOrbit Head of Product John Simmons explains how Total Support goes beyond monitoring robot fleets and incident management, “Total Support provides end users access to InOrbit’s extensive RobOps expertise and accelerates time to value delivered by our platform. InOrbit’s roboteer team leverages best practices and operational excellence guidelines developed over thousands of hours of hands-on support across a wide range of robot implementations to ensure smooth operations for customers.”

Our promise of smooth operations means we guarantee comprehensive and timely incident management.  In addition, our expertise creates more value for large robot deployments as we capture and organize the key metrics our users care about most. Leveraging core RobOps principles, we work closely with our customers to share learnings and data, shortening the feedback loop between production and development so they can derive actionable insights into product performance in the real world. These insights lead to incremental and continuous improvements that optimize fleet performance and improve returns.

Matt Ross, InOrbit Robot Operations Manager leads our team of roboteers as they work with customers to identify areas for improvement and troubleshoot day-to-day concerns. ”We have weekly meetings with all of our customers where we go over their metrics. We look for any outliers, so we may check the metrics for the last week and see if for example one robot in particular may have had the most alerts. Then we’ll investigate what may have caused that. We’ll learn what we can do to fix any problems and provide guidance on operational strategy. It’s a very iterative process with the customer, making sure that we can help them and help their robots.”  


Managing support for a growing robot fleet is a challenge that those working in robotics inevitably face. We believe in a future where the complex collaboration of robots and humans will drive impactful and radical productivity improvements that will change our world, however the integration of automation into existing systems can be difficult. Therefore, supporting the robots that take on these challenges is critical. 

InOrbit has support packages to meet diverse needs and we’re thrilled to add the Total Support bundle as an option for scaling robot fleets that need something special.

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