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Season of change, looking forward to more

By Team InOrbit

One of the best indicators of the change of seasons is when the leaves begin to fall, the days get shorter and the air gets colder. It’s happening now in the Northern Hemisphere, while our brothers and sisters in the Southern Hemisphere get the opposite effect – they are preparing for the warmer weather in the months ahead.

Regardless of your location, this time of year presents a chance to look back on the past season as you prepare for the next one. We are doing the same thing here at InOrbit. These past few months have been very exciting. We’ve launched some new products and services for our users, as well as continued to share knowledge and information about how RobOps can help robot makers and robot deployers across different markets.

In case you missed some of our big changes, here’s a recap of our favorite things from the past few months.

Perhaps our biggest news was the launch of Free Edition, which now allows everyone to use InOrbit with as many robots as they want, in the cloud, free, forever. Here’s why we went free.

We also then announced our Developer Portal, which gives developers a centralized portal of all of the different code samples, APIs and interoperability hooks needed to integrate with InOrbit. Learn more about our commitment to developers here.

We announced the InOrbit Ecosystem, which unites partners and experts from across different industries to help promote RobOps and automation with solutions from around the world. Good things happen when we all work together.

And speaking of together InOrbit had a fantastic time at our first show in person on the road in a long time, with the A3 AMR & Logistics conference.

We’ve produced a variety of whitepapers recently exploring how automation is affecting and integrating into various markets.  Read more about robots in logistics, cleaning, and agriculture

With all of this activity, you would think we would want to take a winter’s nap, but that’s just not in our DNA. We promise you that there are many more exciting changes on the road ahead, including some new features to support our “mission” of having robots help humans become even better at their jobs.

Thanks for joining us during this season of change.